Yoni (Vaginal) Steam

Yoni Steaming is a natural and gentle form of hydrotherapy, using a specific blend of herbs in a warm bath, that you sit over. Yoni Steaming is about more than vaginal and uterine health, and certainly more than a beauty treatment, this ancient practice begins with reconnecting to the female body and wisdom of herbal practice. Heal your womb, other imbalances, free yourself and open yourself up to receive the abundance of what is in store.

Yoni steaming has been known by women throughout history to:

• Significantly reduce discomfort,

• Improve bloating and exhaustion associated with monthly cycles

• Decrease menstrual flow as well as reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset or end of menses

• Regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles

• Increase fertility

• Speed healing and tone the reproductive system after birth

• Treat uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness and uterine prolapse

• Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids

• Treat chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and maintain healthy odor

• Relieve symptoms of menopause

• Assist with healing open wounds

• Reduce hot flashes

The tissues of the vagina are exceptionally porous and absorbent, and the warmth of the steam works to soften and open them. When the herbs are placed in hot water their medicinal properties including volatile oils are released and carried to the surface of your skin, and to the inside of the vagina where they are absorbed into the bloodstream and, ultimately into to the uterus. Yoni steam also known as Vaginal Steam is used to cleanse and revitalize the uterus. Yoni steam is a holistic treatment practiced and respected by many around the globe. This ancient practice provides gentle and effective support of women’s wellness.

A-Steam For Men

This ancient healing practice has been used for thousands of years and has extraordinary benefits for prostate and overall general health.

A (anal) steaming for men has been known to:

Promote anal cleansing

Reduce muscle tension

Reduce inflammation

Increase blood flow

Induce deeper sleep

Soothe hemorrhoids

Increase energy