Deep Tissue   starting @$90

Deep Tissue~massage is best for giving attention to certain painful, stiff “trouble spots” in your body. The massage therapist uses slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles, tendons, or  other tissues deep under your skin. A muscle therapy gun may be used to assist therapist with breaking up annoying knots. 

30/60/90 Minute Massage Session $55/$90/$120

Swedish/Relaxation Massage starting @$45

Swedish Massage~primary goal is to promote relaxation and tension relief. During a swedish massage therapist use kneading, long strokes, deep circular movements, passive joint movements. These techniques relax you, stimulate nerve endings, and increase blood 



Scalp, neck, and shoulder massage $45 30 minutes

Scalp, neck, and shoulder massage~is a massage that focuses on scalp, neck, and shoulders. Peppermint essential oil is used to massage and stimulate scalp. Many times, tension is felt within the head and neck, so scalp massages can be very effective as a stress reducer.

Hot Stone Starting 

Hot Stone Massage~is a full body massage using smooth, flat, and heated rocks.

These heated stones helps relieve muscle tension and pain, reduce stress/anxiety, and may help relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases. 

$110/140 60/90

Couples $240 60 minutes 90 minutes $270

Mommy & Me (prenatal and postnatal) Starting @$85

Mommy & Me~massage is a nurturing massage that focuses on the needs of moms-to-be during pregnancy. Positioning and pillows are used to enhance support, decrease pressure and increase relaxation for both body and mind. Mother and baby share in the benefits as stress and tension melt away, leaving you feeling balanced and energized. Relief of stress on feet, ankles, lower back, and neck, as well as reducing swelling, are all benefits of a prenatal massage.

$45/$85/$115    30/60/90

Therapeutic Massage Starting @$100

Therapeutic Massage~incorporates a variety of advanced modalities that enhance the body’s natural restorative functioning. Light to firm touch is used to release tension, relax muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation, and impart a sense of calm. 

$55/$90/$120 30/60/90

Sports Massage Starting @$85

Sports massage is a combination of direct pressure, stretching, compression, vibration and/or shaking to increase blood circulation and lymph flow. From injury prevention to recovery, sports massage can help you get back to feeling your best. A muscle therapy gun may be used to help assist therapist with breaking up annoying knots. 


Manuel Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)

(Coming Soon)

The techniques of MLD are designed to increase the movement of lymph and interstitial fluid. The basic hand techniques are adapted to follow the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system. This is recommended before and after surgery, as it help to filter waste and toxins, excess of fluid, viruses and bacteria preventing any infection before the procedure. This specialized form of massage is generally believed to decrease recovery time and improve results, by reducing post-surgical swelling and fibrosis (scar tissue formation).